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Monday, April 18, 2016

Sustainable Communities

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Some topics of interest to my role as Chair of the Environmental Quality Committee in El Cerrito, California don't fit neatly in my Smart Energy categories, so I'm creating a new index page.

Our role is two fold
  • to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council, staff, other boards, commissions, and committees, and the citizens of the City with regard to environmental quality issues within the City of El Cerrito.
  • To promote and foster public awareness, education, interest and support for environmental quality efforts, foster volunteer opportunities, and educate El Cerrito citizens regarding environmental quality and issues relating to environmental impacts.

Our values are to educate, inspire, and activate

And our mission is to
  • Promote Community & Individual Action
  • Champion Environmental Policies
  • Help Businesses be more sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Support Carbon Reduction, Recycling and Energy Efficiency
  • Protect Open Space
  • Involve Students of all ages

A. Sustainable Communities - SB 375
friday, august 1, 2014
The landmark 2008 statute requiring integrated regional housing and transportation plans that accommodate each region’s housing need while striving to attain greenhouse gas reduction targets.

B. Smart Cities
april 18, 2016

As the benefits of smart cities become clearer, the number of projects and partnerships supporting the cause is rapidly increasing. In the last few years, city leaders, central government ministries, and technology and service suppliers have announced a range of new smart city initiatives, incentives, and product and service offerings, while more cities are moving from one specific technology interest to a broader range of solutions that have multiple applications. According to a new report from Navigant Research, the total number of identified smart city projects has grown from 170 in the third quarter of 2013 to 235 today.
Coming Soon

B. Climate Action Planning
thursday, July 24, 2014
Coming Soon

C. Urban Greening
thursday, July 24, 2014
Coming Soon

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