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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tsukuba Environmental Style Test Project

1. Background
2. Acronyms/Definitions
3. Business Case
4. Benefits
5. Risks/Issues
6. Companies
7. Links


2. Acronyms/Definitions

3. Business Case
  • Test the viability of reusing EV batteries in fixed battery stations - Develop a system to reuse EV batteries in fixed battery stations, including remote battery monitoring technology.
  • Test a model to optimally use renewable energy in EVs and in participating stores - Using information and communications technologies (ICT) in conjunction with control and electricity storage technology, develop an effective system to optimally use electricity that is generated through solar panels, stored in fixed battery stations and supplied to EVs and participating stores.
  • Test the viability of a new service to accelerate the establishment of a low-carbon transport society - Introduce an EV car sharing system based at convenience stores.
  • Test an integrated contactless smart card payment system for the rapid chargers and the car sharing service.
4. Benefits

5. Risks/Issues

6. Companies
  • Project leader - Itochu Corporation 
  • Family Mart - Provide sites for the project at convenience stores -
  • Itochu Enex - Provide sites for the project at service stations -
  • Tokyo R&D - Electric vehicle-related -
  • Th!nk (Norway) - Electric vehicle-related -
  • Kyuki - Supply rapid chargers -
  • EnerDel Inc. (US) - Supply vehicle batteries and fixed batteries -
  • Seiko Electric - Fixed battery system integration -
  • Itochu Techno-Solutions - Supply ICT technology, data center -
  • Windcar - Car sharing service operation -
  • Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation - Car sharing-related -
  • Nippon Car Solutions Co. - Car sharing-related -
  • Ecosystem Japan - Supply solar panel systems -
  • Mazda Motor Corporation - Electric vehicle-related (provide Mazda Demio vehicles)
  • Advisory Committee -Tsukuba City -
  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) -
  • Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) -
  • The Japan Research Institute

7. Links

    • Mazda Demios to be Base Architecture for Electric Vehicle Test Project